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База Старкиллера — н/ф «физика» зарядки, доставки заряда и его взрыва

Немного про устройство Базы Старкиллера из новеллизации. Читателю потребуется знание английского языка!

Если кратко, БСК состоит из трёх частей. Коллекторы в одном полушарии, хранилище в ядре планеты и сама пушка в другом полушарии.

При зарядке коллекторы БСК (беря мощность от звезды) собирают тёмную энергию, накапливая её в ядре планеты БСК в виде квинтэссенции. Это делает базу уязвимой, а её безопасность зависимой от целостности осциллирующего сдерживающего поля. При выстреле в сдерживающем поле делают дыру в форме цилиндра.

Вылетая из этой дыры, квинтэссенция превращается в фантомную энергию, которая сама образует малый Большой Разлом в гиперпространстве, по которому сгусток фантомной энергии движется по прямой с экспоненциальным ускорением.

Эта техника саб-гиперпространства требует невероятно точных расчётов, учитывающих вращение и наклон планетной оси, а также огромных запасов энергии. Источник этой энергии (тёмная энергия) практически неисчерпаем.

Сгусток ф.э. двигается до конца Галактики или пока не наткнётся на гравитационную массу. Тогда фантомная энергия «поджигает» само пространство, входит в ядро планеты и растворяется в нём, мешая течению элизиума(?). Гравитоны начинают встречать сопротивление, из-за чего гравитонный поток выделяет тепло и поджигает ядро — планета превращается в «карманную новую [звезду]», уничтожая жизнь в системе.

В результате успешной атаки на полностью заряженную БСК осциллятор был уничтожен. Удерживающее поле ослабло и собранная квинтэссенция стала распространяться во все стороны, превращаясь в фантомную энергию и взорвав саму базу Старкиллера.

Первый выстрел, по Хоснианской системе:

“Above, the rally ground was silent. Then, at a great distance, an impossible blast of light shot into the sky. Despite the remoteness of the actual firing zone, the light was so bright that despite their protective masks a number of the troopers had to cover their eyes. The blast was followed by a terrible concussive roar as a vast column of atmosphere was displaced. In spite of the distance, everyone was pushed back and many were knocked down by the ground tremor that followed. Airborne creatures by the thousands took fright and took flight.

Having been gathered in stages by an immense array of coupled collectors located on the other side of the planet, a tremendously compact volume of a type of dark energy known as quintessence had been accumulated at the center of the planet. Held in place inside a roiling molten metal core by the frozen world’s powerful magnetic field, augmented by the weapons system’s own containment field, it grew until there was nothing like it—nothing natural like it—in this corner of the galaxy. Penetrating to within a predetermined distance of the containment field, an immense hollow cylinder permitted a way out while ensuring that when the weapon was unleashed, gigantic groundquakes would not roil the world’s fragile surface. When the weapons engineers fired the device, a breach was induced in the containment field. At incredible velocity and accelerating exponentially, the concentrated volume of quintessence escaped, transforming as it did so into a state known as phantom energy and following the artificial line of egress that had been provided. Assuming that the rotation and inclination of the planet had been taken into account, the released blast of concentrated phantom energy would travel along a perfectly linear path, punching a small Big Rip through hyperspace itself until it left the galaxy—

—or encountered something in its path that was of sufficient mass to intercept it.”

Уничтожение Хоснианской системы:

“Traveling faster than anything ever generated by artificial means, through a torn portion of space-time whose properties were not fully understood, the concentrated glowing ball of energy lit the night sky above Republic City. Leia’s envoy Korr Sella was among those who gazed uncomprehendingly at the inexplicable phenomenon. Disturbed space was energized and lit up by its passage. It was as if a minuscule sun had suddenly appeared from nowhere, heading directly for the world on which she stood.

It struck with enough force to penetrate the crust and the mantle. Stunned scientists assumed the globe had been hit by an asteroid. The reality was worse, much worse. So powerful was the orb of phantom energy that as it dissipated within the planetary core, it blocked the free flow of elysium. Gravitons that normally moved freely and harmlessly through the planet suddenly were blocked from doing so. Almost immediately, the resulting graviton flux released enough heat to ignite the core…

Turning the planet into what astrophysicists called a pocket nova.

Expanding outward from the explosion, a tremendous burst of heat tore through the Hosnian system’s other worlds, searing their surfaces clean of life and incidentally obliterating all settlements, installations, and outposts, as well as the hundreds of ships belonging to the Republic fleet. In its wake, the detonation left behind a blazing, spherical mass. The home of the Republic had become a new binary system: one utterly devoid of life.”

Рассказ Финна про то, как БСК заряжается:

“Wexley spoke up. “They’ve built a new kind of hyperspace weapon within the planet itself. Something that can fire across interstellar distances in the equivalent of real time.” His expression showed his incredulity. “I’ve had my share of technical training, but I can’t even imagine how that’s possible.”

This time Finn responded. “I can’t, either, but those of us assigned to the base heard rumors that it doesn’t operate in what we’d call normal hyperspace. It fires through a hole in the continuum that it makes itself. Everybody was calling it ‘sub’-hyperspace. That’s how it can arrive in moments across a distance like that between the base and the Hosnian system. The amount of energy required to do that is…” His voice dropped. “Well, we’ve seen how much energy is involved. All I know is that it involves a lot of zeros following the primary number.”

“An incredulous Statura cut him off. “The weapon system is situated on both sides of the planet?”

Finn looked at the admiral. “Not only is it located on both sides, the system actually runs through the planetary core.”

Murmurs of disbelief rose from those gathered around the projection console.

“As near as I understand it,” Finn continued, “enormous arrays of specially designed collectors use the power of a sun to attract and send dark energy to a containment unit at the core of the planet, where it is held and built up inside that containment unit until the weapon is ready to fire.”

“Impossible,” Ackbar insisted. “Although we know there is more dark energy in the universe than anything else, and that it exists everywhere around us, it is so diffuse that it can barely be detected. Let alone concentrated.”

Finn persisted, despite the discomfort he felt at disagreeing with someone of Ackbar’s rank and experience. “It can be, and it is,” he responded with certainty.

Statura, at least, seemed ready to believe. “If the engineering could be worked out,” he observed, “one would have access to an almost literally infinite source of energy.”

Finn nodded. “General Hux told us it’s the most powerful weapon ever built. He said that it can reach halfway across the galaxy.” Fresh murmurs of disbelief greeted this latest assertion. “And in real time. Because it doesn’t reach across the galaxy; it reaches through it.” He shook his head, which was starting to hurt from the effort of trying to explain what he had overheard but did not understand.”
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