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Star Wars, эпизод VII — монолог Хана

Монолог Хана в «Соколе» важен. Во многом он дублирует сцену в доме Оби-Вана из «Новой надежды», первый раз представляя Силу зрителю эпизода VII. Русский перевод искажён не насколько сильно, как мне сперва показалось. Выложил его здесь, если кому интересно.

{ 0:52:00 }
Хан: — Не лезь под ноги. { → BB-8 }
Хан: — Брось, ну перестань. Всё нормально, отдыхай. { → Чуи }
Хан: — Молодец, Финн. Спасибо.
Финн: — Не за что.
Хан: — Значит… вы беглецы, да? 
Рей: — Первому Ордену нужна карта. Финн из Сопротивления, а я — мусорщица.
{ Финн и Рей обмениваются взглядами. }
Хан: — Ну и что там? { → BB-8 }
Рей: — Покажи. { → BB-8 }

{ BB-8 включает голопроектор, в воздухе появляется объёмная карта в синих тонах. }

{ 0:52:34 }
Хан: — Карта не полная, только фрагмент. С тех пор, как Люк исчез,
       где только его не искали.
Рей: — А почему он ушёл?
Хан: — Чтобы подготовить новое поколение джедаев. Один его ученик
       взбунтовался и всё пошло прахом. Люк считал себя виновным и потом…
       и ушёл от всего.
Финн: — И что с ним, не знаете?
Хан: — Слухов много, всяких. Те, кто его знали раньше… говорят, он решил
       найти первый храм джедаев.

{ 0:53:21 }
Рей: — Джедаи не выдумка?
Хан: — Сам когда-то в это не верил. Думал это так, бред сумасшедшего.
       Про великую Силу, что сводит воедино добро со злом, а тьму со светом.
       Немыслимо, но… всё правда. Про Силу, джедаев… всё правда. Всё было.

{ 0:54:01 }
Хан: — Нет, отдыхай { → Чуи }
Хан: — Помочь вам значит? Поможем. К кое-кому слетаем, пусть займётся
       дроидом. Нам вот сюда.

Английских сабов пока не нашёл. Вот фрагмент из новеллизации на английском языке (Конец главы X из: Alan Dean Foster. “The Force Awakens (Star Wars).”):

“Peculiar guy, this one, Han thought. He can deal with a battlefield wound but not an ordinary chess set. He shrugged. The man’s capabilities and lack thereof were none of his business. Instead, he asked: “So. Fugitives, huh?”

Finn nodded and indicated BB-8. “It’s the map he’s storing. The First Order wants it, and they’ll kill anyone who tries to keep it from them.”

Rey arrived to join them as Finn finally managed to deactivate the chess set. “Ship systems are stable. I made sure before I left everything on autopilot.” She indicated Finn and the droid. “They’re with the Resistance. And I was with them. So I guess now in the mind of the Order, I’m with the Resistance.”

Resistance fighters? Han eyed Finn with new respect—and not a little skepticism. The younger man had handled himself well enough in the brawl on board the freighter, but that only proved he was a survivor: not a fighter. Further evaluation could wait until later, Han told himself. Right now…

He looked to BB-8. “Let’s see whatcha got.”

Dutifully, the droid rolled into a suitable position. A lens brightened, and abruptly the lounge was all but filled with an enormously detailed and complex star map. Nebulae, solo stars, translucent splashes of concentrated dark matter, and entire solar systems were displayed before them. Even Chewbacca sat up to have a better look. Finn was impressed and Rey in awe—but Han found himself frowning.

Moving forward and into the three-dimensional representation, he tracked system positions and locator stars. One finger traced the outlines of a particularly bright and well-known nebular cluster. Like everything else in the map, it was brilliantly depicted.

It was also only half there.

He turned to the others. “This is accurate, but it’s not complete. It’s just a piece. I can tell from the location of the breaks and from what’s only partially shown.” He grunted softly. “Ever since Luke disappeared, people have been looking for him.”

Rey spoke while drinking in the details of the marvelous but imperfect chart. “Why’d he leave, anyway?”

Han pursed his lips; thinking back, remembering.

“He was training a new generation of Jedi. There was no one else left to do it, so he took the burden on himself. Everything was going good, until one boy, an apprentice, turned against him and destroyed it all. Everything Luke had worked toward: gone. Luke felt responsible. He walked away from everything.”

Finn’s tone was respectful. “Do you know what happened to him? Does anyone?”

Han turned to him. “There’ve been all kinds of rumors and stories. When people don’t have access to facts, they invent what they’d like to believe, or what they think others would like to hear. The people who knew him the best think he went on a personal quest, looking for the first Jedi temple.”

Rey had been quiet for a while, absorbing everything in awed silence. She could no longer contain herself.

“The Jedi were real?”

Han half smiled, to himself as much as to her. “I used to wonder that myself. A bunch of mumbo-jumbo is what it sounds like. Some magical power holding together good and evil, light and dark.” He paused, his voice fading. “Crazy thing is, it’s all real. The Jedi, the Force—it’s true. All true.” He brought himself back to reality.

“Just as it’s true what Finn here said: The First Order will kill all of us for that map.”

An alarm sounded, but this one was different from the flurry that had preceded it. Chewbacca started to rise, but Han put out a hand to prevent him.

“No. You relax.” He glanced at Finn. “Don’t risk the good work of our friend here by stressing what he’s done.” He headed for the cockpit. “This is our stop.”

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